Who is Lux Pascal ? ‘The Last Of Us’ Star Pedro Pascal’s Sibling Who Came Out as Trans

Who is Lux Pascal – Pedro Pascal’s Sister?

She is the daughter of José Balmaceda and Verónica Pascal, both Chileans who fled their country following the 1973 coup.  She is the youngest of four siblings, the actor Pedro Pascal being one of them.  

She attended Saint George’s College in Chile, and in 2010 she enrolled at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile to study theater. In 2023, she will receive her MFA in acting from the Juilliard School.

In February 2021, she changed her name to Lux Pascal, taking her maternal surname, and revealed that she is a transgender woman.

She and the actor José Antonio Raffo have been together since 2011.

Pedro Pascal is Supportive of His Sister

On February 10, 2021, Pedro celebrated his sister Lux’s coming out by sending her love and blessings via Instagram. In addition, the actor shared Lux on the cover of the Spanish-language magazine Ya to demonstrate his love and support for her. The image shows Lux with a fiery demeanor and staring straight into the camera.

A lovely Spanish note was sent to her by her well-known brother. He wrote, “My Sister, My Heart, Our Lux,” which translates to “My Sister, My Heart, Our Lux.” In the Ya cover story,

Lux, who used to be Lucas Balmaceda, admitted that she wants to be an actress like her well-known brother and that she has started studying at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City to improve her craft. In an episode of “Narcos,” in which her big brother Pedro also appeared, Lux played the role of Elias.

Her Family Also Supports Her

Despite her initial concerns that they would not be, Lux Pascal proudly acknowledged that her entire family has been quite supportive of her transition. “My transition has been something that is very natural for everyone in my family,” she stated in the feature post. It’s almost as though they anticipated it. In the interview, Lux said that she started hormone therapy in July 2020. She went on to say that Pedro, her brother, has been the most supportive of her transition.

Lux claims that Pedro was not only supportive of his sister but also “a little worried” when he first learned she was going through a transition and kept in touch with her via video calls. Later, Lux immediately offered her congratulations as she expressed her joy at her transformation. This is perfect, and it’s amazing,” Pedro reportedly told Lux. He, Pedro, has played a significant role in this. He has also been a guide and an artist. She went on to say, “He was one of the first to give me the things that made me who I am.”

She is also an Activist

In the same post, Lux said that she wants to give the transgender community good representation. “Moving through the world as a woman is much simpler for me,” she stated, “but I still advocate for nonbinary identities to have a space in society.” “We need trans activists who are good, smart, and informed, and who can be strong voices against transphobia, homophobia, and racism,” she added regarding the fight against discrimination.

She is an Aspiring Actor 

She starred in the play La noche obstinada by Argentine choreographer Pablo Rotemberg in 2014, when she was in her fourth year of theater. She made her television debut in the same year by joining the cast of the Canal 13 series Los 80, where she played “Axel Miller.” She co-starred in the TVN soap opera Juana Brava in 2015, and the following year, she appeared in the Canal 13 soap opera Veinteaero a los 40. She made her film debut at the end of 2016 in Prueba de actitud, directed by Augusto Matte and Fabrizio Copano.

She made her international television debut in 2017 when she co-starred with her brother Pedro in the third season of the Netflix series Narcos as Elijah.

She was in three Chilean film productions in 2019: Sebastián Badilla’s No Quiero Ser Tu Hermano, Gonzalo Maza’s Ella es Cristina, and Sebastián Muoz’s El Principe.