What is Turkey Teeth and Is Social Media To Blame For The Rise Of Related Issues ?

Due to the trends seen on social media, particularly on TikTok, the fad of Turkey teeth is expanding amazingly quickly. These days, the likelihood of seeing a social media star with equally brilliant white teeth done in Turkey is pretty high. Initially triggered only by decreased prices, the tendency to get Turkey teeth is currently continuing to rise in a number of ways. 

Simply put, people adore how quickly their smiles may change. After having terrible teeth for a long time, they have regained their confidence. For everyone, things were not as good, though. Unfortunately, certain dental procedures and smile makeovers have left people feeling let down and sorry for themselves. 

According to dental specialists, the surgery has a danger of pulpitis, gum abscess, nerve damage, tooth death, and significant pain. A root canal must be performed to solve this issue, which could increase future costs. In addition to these issues, veneers or crowns must be updated every five to fifteen years, which could be very expensive.

TikToker Amanda Turner explains her experience.

What is the meaning of Turkey Teeth?

The phrase “turkey tooth” is new. It means to remove a person’s natural tooth and then cover it with a crown or veneer. When one gets “Turkey teeth,” the teeth are typically very white and have an exact square shape. 

Turkey teeth are popular among millennials, but the expression is often used in jest, suggesting that patients sacrifice their healthy, natural teeth in favor of fake ones that look beautiful.

Is Turkey Cheap For Teeth?

The first thing that comes to mind when considering Turkey teeth is their cost. However, it is not a myth. Cosmetic dental procedures may cost only one-fifth of what they would in another nation. 

The first factor might be Turkey’s cheaper rental and service expenses. It significantly reduces the overall cost. Secondly, you should pay less because taxes and insurance costs are reduced. Thirdly, Turkey’s lower wages and cost of living enable visitors to make significant financial savings while there. Finally, you can maximize your financial resources if you are fortunate enough to get a cheap flight to and from Turkey.

Is turkey a safe place to have teeth-related procedures?

It is, indeed. The USA, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Turkey, respectively, perform the most cosmetic treatments, including dental cosmetics, according to a survey published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in 2020. Turkish dentists are therefore extremely skilled and qualified in their field, ranking fifth in the world.

In a study conducted by BBC News, 597 of the 1,000 UK dentists responded that they have treated patients who had difficulties following dental operations in Turkey. While some people choose veneers, which only require a modest amount of tooth preparation, the majority of people choose crowns, which require the removal of over 70% of the teeth. Due to this, many dentists in the UK are now alerting people to the potential risks.

In a poll of 1,000 dentists about dental tourism, the British Dental Association (BDA) discovered that 95% of dentists had evaluated patients who had traveled abroad for dental care. 86% of them claim to have handled situations when difficulties arose.

People now doubt Turkey teeth because of cosmetic dentistry’s failures. The majority of concerns, however, focused on Turkey’s tooth pricing, which was hardly related to the country’s insufficient dental care. In reality, malpractice is possible everywhere, irrespective of the nation or cost. The dentist’s training, equipment, and technology are most important. If it is a dentistry clinic, it would be wise to investigate the institution’s dependability and liabilities.

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