The woke series “Velma,” a “Scooby-Doo” spinoff, continues to receive rave reviews despite making fun of teens being sexualized.

According to The Daily Mail, the series is currently the “third worst rated TV show in IMDB history.”

In its most recent episode, the “Scooby Doo” spin-off series “Velma” on HBO and actress Mindy Kaling treated child sexualization as a joke, making it even more controversial.

The new series makes a number of sexually explicit jokes about children in episode 4, titled “Velma Makes a List.” The first involves the lead character Velma’s impression of young boys and their talent for drawing male genitalia, and the second involves the local town mayor’s lust for attractive high school girls.

The middle-aged town sheriff suggests that Velma rank the hottest girls in her school and assist them in becoming less attractive in order to save their lives after she is tasked with stopping a local murderer who appears to be only interested in pretty high school girls.

However, the town mayor’s salivating reaction to Velma’s reveal of her makeover demonstrates that she has failed in her responsibilities and presents viewers of “Velma” with an uncomfortable scene of a middle-aged white man lusting over minors.

During the reveal, Velma tells the mayor and sheriff, “Mayor Dave, Sheriff Cogburn, I want you to remember this moment.” Girls have been taught that beauty is in the pain for far too long. According to NewsBusters, when Velma reveals the girls, who do not appear to have changed in any way, the mayor says, “Ooh, they are so hot.” Well, today you will see these painfully beautiful girls transform from “Damn” to “Eh…” Wait, Daddy likes… You should have done the opposite. Velma, what the f—?

Velma tries to make a comment to her friend about sexism in another scene from the same episode, but she makes a bizarre statement about children and genitalia by accident.

She asserts, “Girls are told by guys all our lives that there is a right way to be hot, and I’m not it.” Even men teach us to feel self-conscious about our bodies. Make a little kid draw a vgina, and what will happen? “Every little kid knows how to draw a penis. “You go to jail?” asks her friend Norville. which she responds “Exactly.”

The HBO animated series has already been the subject of numerous headlines for reversing the popular “Scooby-Doo” Mystery Gang concept in an effort to appeal to contemporary audiences. The R-rated humor is just the latest stunt from the show.

The show has received criticism for its excessively woke themes. It has race-swapped a number of the main characters, most notably Shaggy, who is now “Norville,” an African American man. The main character, who is now of Asian/Pacific Island descent, and Daphne, who is now half Asian and half White, have lesbian scenes together.

In addition, the series spends story beats focusing on Fred, a once-favorite character who is now portrayed as a wealthy White man who is downgraded due to his privilege.

“Velma” also “features limbs being severed, one of the main characters going to a strip club with her dad, and two teenage boys making out at their high school,” as Fox News Digital previously reported.

A show that has been panned by critics is the result of the combination of these factors. “Though the critic reviews are bad, the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is even worse, with most giving it a half-star (out of five),” Fox stated. It was described as “so insulting to the Scooby-Doo fan base” by one viewer. Another made the comment, “Very recent year.” “This culture is so awful.”

Some have questioned whether the show was a plot to annoy right-wingers because of the negative reviews. “Velma is so bad in fact, that it’s spawning conspiracy theories that creator Mindy Kaling made what is essentially a parody of what the right wing thinks left wing comedy is like,” wrote Forbes contributor Paul Tassi.

“Velma” is “now the third worst rated TV show in IMDB history, having aired just four episodes of its first season,” according to The Daily Mail.

Christian Toto, a conservative Hollywood and entertainment critic, discussed with Fox News Digital the reasons why creators would push a raunchy Scooby-Doo spinoff only to have audiences slam it. “Hollywood artists don’t appreciate the frustration many feel regarding these woke makeovers,” he stated. Diversity and social justice are important components of their storytelling kits in their circles.

The popular conservative film and entertainment commentary website’s founder, Toto, explained that negative reviews encourage producers to push the creative envelope even further.

He stated, “What’s more interesting is that the response is frequently to double down and slam critics as racist, sexist, etc. when confronted with angry viewers.” The controversy surrounding “The Lord of the Rings: Amazon Prime’s The Rings of Power.”

However, Toto did acknowledge that audiences “often overreact in turn.” They are enraged not only at one show but also at the cultural context that encourages these reboots. As a result, they criticize properties like “Velma” on social media and TV review websites.