Spoiled Teenager Throws Fit After Parents Get Her a Tesla Instead of a Mercedes as First Car

Even “affordable” vehicles can be expensive to own nowadays. In addition to paying for the vehicle itself, you also have to pay for its maintenance, insurance, the inevitable parking tickets, and traffic violations.

Additionally, if you live in the Tri-State region, you should not even begin to consider the monthly costs of tolls. Attempting to enter and exit New York City several times per week; you will make amends to your bank account.

However, if you’ve never owned or operated a vehicle before, it’s easy to overlook how much time and money are involved. Or you could simply be a spoiled brat with an entitlement mentality who thinks everything should be given to them. This seems to be the case with this young woman in a viral TikTok video who thought her parents would buy her a Mercedes Benz for her first car.


Surprised my daughter with her sweet 16 gift and she didn’t even like it I’m so piss right know I can’t stand a ungrateful kids!😰😓😥😥 #spoiledkids#momlife #viralvideos

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Neshie (@neshieslife2340), the daughter of a TikToker, didn’t react well when she stepped outside to see the new car her father had brought home for her. This suggests that Neshie probably didn’t have to work very hard to get what she has.

The video’s text suggests that the new driver was initially given a Tesla as her first vehicle, but she wanted a Mercedes-Benz instead.

Her parents probably realized that their teen was becoming a monster, so they decided to get her a Chevrolet Sonic LT sedan instead of trying to stop it. The Chevy Sonic was discontinued in 2020, so even though the vehicle is used, it appears to be in good condition.


My daughter thought she was getting her Mercedes’ and her dad got her this car sense she was so ungrateful #spoiledkids #ungratefulkid #piss #viralvideos #momlife

♬ original sound – Neshie’s life

Getting a car for free, even if it’s not your dream vehicle, is rarely a bad thing, and you could do a lot worse than a Sonic. It is reasonably fuel-efficient and is simple to drive.

Neshie’s daughter, on the other hand, did not appear to think that way. In the video, she repeatedly states that she will not drive the vehicle. “You think I’m driving this?” the young woman mutters in a sarcastic tone as she moves around the vehicle. “Most definitely”, her mother says, urging her daughter to get in the car.

When Neshie’s daughter begins to point out the vehicle’s cosmetic flaws, her mother responds, “Yes, it has dings and scrapes because guess what? You didn’t want that nice car when we tried to get you one.”

The girl says she doesn’t want it and kicks the car, prompting her mother to tell her not to; She repeats it twice more. She keeps saying that she won’t drive the car, but her father comes in and tells her that if she doesn’t like it, she can buy her own car with her own money.

Numerous TikTokers commented on the video, stating that they would have wept with joy if their parents had given them a Tesla. Others stated that, following that response, they would not have bought their child a car at all and would have kept the money for themselves.

There is another TikTok where they actually go to the Mercedes Benz.


I took her to Mercedes Benz and she thoughtvshe was going to get a 115,000 dollar car nope not going to happen #spoiledkids #momlife #momlifeiscrazy #viralvideos

♬ original sound – Neshie’s life

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