Lea Michele Responds To The Rumor That She Cannot Read with A TikTok.

Glee star – Lea Michele, recently responded to accusations on social media that she cannot read.

Michele made fun of an online conspiracy theory that says she’s “illiterate” and is conspiring against us.

The Funny Girl actress made a quip in a TikTok video on Wednesday, saying, “265 days to learn to READ!!!” before Barbara Streisand’s memoir comes out later this year.

The video shows Michele smiling and putting her hand over her mouth in response to an Instagram post about the book.

Book emojis were used as the caption by the Broadway star.

Michele has denied rumors that she can’t read before, and this isn’t the first time she has done so.

In an interview with The New York Times last year, the actress took aim at trolls and referred to them as “sexist.”

“I attended “Glee” every day; Every day, I knew my lines, “the 36-year-old stated.

She continued, “And then there is an online rumor that I cannot read or write?” It hurts. It is indeed. A lot of this, I often think, wouldn’t be true if I were a man.