BABYMONSTER : The Newest K-pop Girl Group Waiting to Debut in 2023 after BLACKPINK

BABYMONSTER, also known as Baemon, formed by the K-pop giant YG Entertainment and it is the newest girl group everyone talks about. The group is scheduled to make its debut in 2023.

The members of the girl group are Haram, Chikita, Prita, Rora, Ahyeon, Asa, and Rora. Members of BABYMONSTER come from various countries. Prita and Chikita are from Thailand. Asa and Ruka are from Japan. South Korean members are Rora ,Haram and Ahyeon.

A performance video by  BABYMONSTER was released by YG Entertainment on 19th January.

The choreography is Performed by RUKA, HARAM, ASA, RORA, AHYEON of BABYMONSTER

The news of YG Entertainment’s upcoming girl group began to spread as early as 2018. After rumors started to spread online in May 2021, YG Entertainment  confirmed that they were getting ready to debut a new girl group. After BLACKPINK’s debut in 2016, this is the first all-female girl group to make a debut for YG and it is after 7 years.

YG Entertainment

The seven members’ first official introduction was announced by YG Entertainment on December 30, 2022, with a poster bearing the subtext “YG Next Movement.” This was done after a brief video was uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel on January 1 and it received 15 million views in just three days.

Haram was introduced as the group’s first member on January 12, 2023, through a performance video in which she sang Mario’s “Let Me Love You.”

With a performance of “Sway with Me” by Saweetie on January 16, Ahyeon’s identity as the second member was made public.

Ruka, Asa, and Rora were made public in a dance performance video for Tyga’s “Senile” on January 18.