Pride flag, LGBTQ. Free public domain CC0 photo.

Are LGBTQ+ soccer fans welcome in Qatar for FIFA 2022 ?

FIFA 2022 – LGBTQ rights?

FIFA – 2022 organizers have stated “Everyone is Welcome” in Qatar for the Soccer world championship. But the LGBT laws in Qatar may act against the LGBTQ+ community since according to the Sharia Law, Homosexual acts are considered immoral and thus prohibited. The punishment for same-sex sexual activities could be severe as the death penalty in the Middle East.

The Organizers have requested the fans to respect the Arabic culture. According to FIFA officials, LGBTQ+ fans are welcome in Qatar with other fans from all around the world and are allowed to show affection to their partners and express themselves Inside official tournament zones. But it is advised NOT to show the same affection outside of the official tournament zones. Since it is against the law in Qatar.

Human Rights Organizations have criticized FIFA’s decision to host the championship in Qatar and many LGBTQ+ fans have expressed their concern about safety while residing in Qatar with their loved ones.